On Thursday 23 September, Wendy Wauters, affiliated researcher at Illuminare, will deliver the lecture “Experiencing and Interpreting the Soundscape of the Late Medieval Church of Our Lady in Antwerp” together with Eugeen Schreurs at the three-day symposium “The Role of the Senses in Medieval Liturgies and Rituals” in Padua.

This first conference of the series “Experiencing the Sacred”, established by the SenSArt ERC project, aims to develop the topic of the liturgy in the Middle Ages further by triangulating the liturgy (broadly intended), the experience of the faithful (understood both as an individual and as social groups) and the sensoria (i.e. the diverse sensory systems that existed in the Middle Ages). In so doing, it aims at showing that the experience of the sacred was not homogeneous and static. On the contrary, it was a multimodal and multisensorial activity, one that bore complex and overlapping layers of meaning, and which was perceived in different ways by the diverse groups and individuals involved.

For more information about the symposium, please click here.