On Thursday 27 October, Wendy Wauters will deliver a lecture on the late medieval understanding of the senses in relation to religious rituals at the international symposium: “The Dynamics of Devotions. About Signposts, Thresholds and Stumbling Blocks in the History of Christian Religious Life” (27-28 October).

Topic of the symposium is the dynamics of devotional culture. On the one hand, devotions provide a foothold for believers, on the other hand, they can lead to believers getting caught up in ritualism, which can make one lose sight of the purpose of devotion. The symposium will focus on both sides of devotional culture. The organization consists of Prof Dr Hans Geybels and Dr Charles Caspers.

Location: KU Leuven Promotion Hall (Naamsestraat 22, 3000 Leuven).

More info on the lectures can be found here.