The 3Pi Project (3Pi – Diagnosis of Papyrus-Parchment-Paper manuscripts through Advanced Imaging) from the Book Heritage Lab (Illuminare, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts, ESAT, LIBIS and the University Library, KU Leuven) is focusing on interdisciplinary research on fragile historic documentary heritage as manuscripts on papyrus, parchment and paper, involving scientific imaging, analytical data, conservation science and dissemination on a performant dissemination platform in order to establish the origin and creation of documentary heritage artefacts.

The 3Pi project studies artefacts kept at KU Leuven, Belgian and in European collections and is coordinated by Prof. dr. Lieve Watteeuw. The Project is collaborating with the University Library (Imaging Lab, Bruno Vandermeulen and Hendrik Hameeuw) and ESAT. 3Pi is funded by Research Foundation Flanders FWO (Medium-scale research infrastructure, 2018-2022).