Jarrik Van Der Biest (°1996) obtained a Bachelor’s degree in History from the KU Leuven in 2017. After having studied at the University of Leeds through the Erasmus exchange programme, he returned to the U.K. to pursue a Master’s degree in Medieval Studies. He graduated from the Institute for Medieval Studies (University of Leeds) in 2018, with a thesis entitled Visceral Carnality: Abjection of the Christian Self in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Anti-Jewish Narratives from England and France. His research interests include Jewish-Christian polemics, Jewish manuscript illumination and the dissemination of anti-Jewish narratives, and in 2019, he will start a PhD project on the transmission of medical and religious somatisations of Jewish/Christian difference (1150-1350) at the University of Leeds. During his postgraduate study, Jarrik held an internship as Production Secretary at the International Medieval Bibliography. In 2019, he was an intern at the heritage collection of the Maurits Sabbe Library in Leuven, cataloguing rare books from Jesuit collections. At Illuminare, he will support the day-to-day coordination of the centre and assist Professor Lieve Watteeuw with running projects.