The series Art & Religion was founded in 2011 by the Iconology Research Group. Editor in chief is Barbara Baert (Leuven). The series welcomes monographs and themes in the interdisciplinary field between Christian iconography and religion of the Middle Ages and Early Modernity. Art & Religion focuses on how iconology as a field and method relates to recent developments in the Humanities. Beyond methodological reflection, Art & Religion singles out the production and technologies of pictures (i), the significance and agency of images (ii), and the transfer and migration of motifs (iii) in Christian visual and material culture. Art & Religion is a peer-reviewed series published by Peeters.

The editor’s board consists of Claudia Benthien (Hamburg), Ralph Dekoninck (Louvain- la-Neuve), James Elkins (Chicago), Jeffrey Hamburger (Cambridge, MA), Bianca Kuehnel (Jerusalem), Ann-Sophie Lehmann (Utrecht), John Lowden (London),  Anneke Smelik (Nijmegen), Victor Stoichita (Fribourg), Jeroen Stumpel (Utrecht), Paul Vandenbroeck (Leuven), Jan Van der Stock (Leuven), Gerhard Wolf (Florence).  Advisory editors are Reimund Bieringer (Leuven), Ralph Dekoninck (Louvain-la-Neuve), Ivan Gerát (Bratislava), Victor Schmidt (Groningen), Hedwig Schwall (Leuven), György Endre Szönyi (Budapest) and Marina Vicelja (Rijeka).

Art & Religion:

1: Ralph Dekoninck, Agnès Guiderdoni and Émilie Granjon (eds.), Fiction Sacrée. Spiritualité et esthétique durant le premier âge moderne (2013)

2: Barbara Baert (ed.), The Woman with the Blood Flow (Mark 5:24-34). Narrative, Iconic, and Anthropological Spaces (2013)

3: Emma Sidgwick, From Flow to Face. The Haemorrhoissa Motif (Mark 5:24b-34parr) between Anthropological Origin and Image Paradigm (2015)

4: Adrien Paschoud and Barbara Selmeci Castioni (eds.), Exprimer la vision spirituelle (XIVe-XVIIe siècles) (2015)

5: Barbara Baert, Pneuma and the Visual Medium in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity. Essays on Wind, Ruach, Incarnation, Odour, Stains, Movement, Kairós, Web and Silence (2016)

6: Barbara Baert and Sophia Rochmes (eds.), Decapitation and Sacrifice: Saint John’s Head in Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Text, Object, Medium (2017)

7: J.E.A. Kroesen, E. Nyborg and M.-L. Sauerberg (eds.), From Conservation to Interpretation: Studies of Religious Art (c. 1100-c. 1800) in Northern and Central Europe in Honour of Peter Tangeberg (2017)

8: Paul Vandenbroeck, Utopia’s Doom The ‘Graal’ as Paradise of Lust, the Sect of the Free Spirit and Jheronimus Bosch’s so-called ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ (2017)

9: Ivan Gérat, Iconology of Charity. Medieval Legends of Saint Elizabeth in Central Europe (2020)

10: S. Ryan, S.L. Smith and L.K. Skinnebach, Material Cultures of Devotion in the Age of Reformations (2021)

11: Barbara Baert, The Gaze from Above (2021)

12: B. Kühnel, Jerusalem Icons in the European Space (2021)

13: Dekonick R., Claes M.-C, Baert B. (eds.), Ornamenta Sacra. Late Medieval and Early Modern Liturgical Objects in a European Context (2022)